“Kingdom Hearts”: End of the World~(Jökulsárlón, Iceland)

Yes, Iceland again…but that place is known for being magical, plus I tend to stumble upon these fantasy-like places rather than actively look for them (lucky me ^.^)!

So, here we have the End of the World (though I couldn’t find the picture I wanted):


And while that purple hue and strange rock formation is a bit difficult to create in the real world, the glacier I found came pretty close in my opinion…

(edit: I’m too pauvo to buy licensing to use other peoples’ photos (sorry), but I found credit for the original photo! Check out Gen Vagula’s stuff: https://500px.com/photo/90170863/j%C3%B6kuls%C3%A1rl%C3%B3n-iceland-by-gen-vagula

Now for a photo that I don’t think will be stealing if I put it up:


Also, less of a resemblance but still beautiful nonetheless….:


(Brian Rueb photography)

My greatest wishes that these pictures come in the quality I am viewing them in…

The horizon in both these photos is what made me think of the End of the World as well as the glaciers drifting on the water in isolation leading to this horizon. Now if only I could find a place that matched the rest of the world…that would definitely be something to see XD


“Legend of Zelda”: Zora Domain~(Yucatán, Mexico)

Before I start writing…



Cenotes such as these dated back to the Mayan times. They are natural sinkholes filled with water from the eternally rainy Yucatán area, once the Mayans’ main water source and also used for human sacrifice (and those two things really do not mix, in my opinion??).

Okay, so enough education!

I thought it looked rather similar to the Zora Domain in Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time.

Béla Somlai

(credit to Béla Somlai)

And now, the official entrance in Ocarina of Time:


The graphics are so cute…

Aaand in Twilight Princess:


And more pictures of the cenote!


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