“Howl’s Moving Castle”: Market Chipping (Ribeauvillé, France)

Yes, my people, I have returned after a two-month absence! D:

Anyway, we return to another colorful town in France–Ribeauvillé, this time! Hayao Miyazaki, himself, was said to be inspired by it, so we know the comparisons are spot-on this time.

So, to refresh fans of the movie or to introduce those of you who haven’t seen it, here is the protagonist’s hometown (where the fateful encounter with the wizard, Howl, begins!), Market Chipping:



concept art, I believe?:


Now, for Ribeauvillé!

(a smattering of pictures in no particular order)


(from Wikipedia)

ribeauville-riquewihr.com (market chipping)







“Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance”: Traverse Town~(Strasbourg, France–in Christmastime!)

So, as I was perusing French universities when I was thinking of transferring (now I’m just studying abroad there, but I digress…), I came across Strasbourg. I was struck by how much it reminded me of Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 3D!

Here is Traverse Town (first district):

(fourth district):

full (1).jpg

And here is Strasbourg~!



From what I’ve seen, Strasbourg is a pretty cool city! It’s right near the German border, so it’s a mix of French and German culture. I almost applied to the university there as my first choice, but alas I have chosen to go instead to Aix-en-Provence (one of these days XD)

Thanks for reading! ^.^