(More Books!) “Kingdom Hearts” and “Brave Story”

Let me start of by saying that “Brave Story” by Miyuki Miyabe is one of my favorite books of all time!
This is the summary from Anime News Network:

When 11-year-old Wataru’s father leaves home and his mother is taken ill to hospital, he decides to change his fate by travelling through the door shown to him by his friend Mitsuru. In a land of magic and monsters, Wataru must summon all his courage and embark on a journey with several comrades to meet the Goddess of Destiny and change this “mistaken fate”.

It’s so…Kingdom Hearts-y XD Wataru tries to find his friend Mitsuru, who is drifting to the darkness (I won’t spoil too much). Along the way, he makes two friends and it reminded me of Sora’s relationship with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Also, there’s just this pure-hearted Kingdom Hearts feel to it.
However, it is very dark. The character is eleven, so I never expected some of the very adult things that happened. Strangely though, it did not repel me, but rather enticed me. It balanced darkness and light so perfectly.

Despite this being one of my favorite books, the blog post doesn’t seem to be too long, huh?
I know I’ve written about three books in a row, but I’m all dried up with my reviews/recommendations now! Hopefully a location will be next, but it’s hard to research that! XD


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