“Kiki’s Delivery Service”~(Visby and Stockholm, Sweden; Tasmania, Australia)

If you ever want to follow in our young witch’s footsteps, go to the cities in the title above! I’ll talk briefly about the Swedish cities because I really want to talk about the Australian bakery (Ross Bakery) where Kiki stayed! Anyway, I digress…

This site: ( http://whenonearth.net/places-inspired-9-studio-ghibli-movies/ ) describes it well enough already. This is where you can find pictures of that plus other Ghibli inspirations.

Now, I’ll talk about Ross Bakery (which is now Ross Bakery Inn due to many visitors coming about Kiki) because it is definitely near the top of my bucket list! Due to the popularity of KDS, they decided to make a room for guests called “Kiki’s Room”.

So, here is the animated version:


and the room itself (which is a bit sparse):


Now, for Ross Bakery! (credit given on the watermark)

and Kiki’s room! (credit again given on watermark)


It’s so cute! And they even have their own Kiki XD

I looked on the bakery’s site and the rooms are so often booked! Also, they’re a little expensive >.< The lowest price I found was 85 AUD, which is roughly 80 USD…*sigh* But the facilities are nice enough. Plus, there’s a nice lounge (but I’m not sure if it’s attached to the room or just for all the bakery’s customers. It’s very pretty, though I couldn’t get a proper picture for the blog, sorry!

Now, to finish off, I’ll throw in some comparative pictures of Sweden.






And remember this scene?:



Here is Stockholm!:


Alright, that’s all I have for you now, ciao~ or, I guess, hej då!


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